• Kick a soccer ball remotely to a live goalie
  • Control a mini-sub underwater in a live treasure hunt
  • Serve tennis balls remotely to a live tennis player
  • Pitch a baseball remotely to your favorite player
Make every game a Home Game!

Whether you’re creating a game that’s real, not virtual, or you want global customers to remotely pitch to your star - fans can do so from the comfort of your home page ...


  • Get fan Involvement in your Game - by letting people at home play on the field, before, or during the game

  • Increase Engagement Rates - set up an involving competitive situation for your viewers

  • Grow your Gaming Category - with a real-time, global remote venue

Using Reach-In technologies for your game will provide a win-win for you and your fans!

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Dive Commander

The Dive Commander project created an online physically interactive submarine game controlled over the web. Users take control of the sub to find clues to an underwater treasure hunt, at the same time the technology lets a second user take control of the "Nuisance buttons" trying to disrupt the passage of the Captain in Charge. 

To take control of the Divecommander mini submarine click here

"I approached Reach-In with the idea of using their technology to control a mini-ROV submersible to create an online underwater treasure hunt game called Dive Commander. Their technology put users directly into the environment not as observers but as Commanders.  They were very enthusiastic about the idea and pro-active throughout the project to make my vision a reality. Not only did they work on the technical side but also created the webpage design for it to work within.  With their support this is only the beginning of future opportunities to transport users directly into live adventure." 

~ Mark Bolander, Dive Commander
Used as a gaming platform in 2010, online participants from 48 countries were allowed to control a paintball gun and interact in a fun and creative way with people on a stage attempting to perform tasks.  The online users goal was to prevent the person on stage from accomplishing the task.  It takes “voting” to a whole new level.”  This project was made possible only with Reach-in technology.
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