• Explore Aquatic life remotely from your desk
  • Feed a tiger at a zoo while on a coffee break at work!
  • Play with shelter cats remotely from your armchair
  • Throw a ball remotely at a doggy daycare to your dog

Animal Lovers of the world unite with online interactions

People want to interact with animals—flocking to petting zoos and pressing their noses against the glass of aquariums.  Reach-In technology lets you to see and interact with animals, within their habitat, wherever you happen to be. 

  • Improve monetary donations - in both frequency and size.
  • Increase adoption rates - as seen in Animal Shelters who installed iPet Companion™ by Reach-In
  • Plug n’Play - Simple, Safe and Fast installation of equipment into animal habitats

Opportunities exist in aquariums, doggy day care centres, zoos and other animal-based facilities, whether on land or sea we have a solution for you.

Contact us if you’d like animal lovers to "Reach-In" to your facility.

To play with animals live, right now, click the iPetComapnion
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Michigan Humane Society

“The iPetCompanion is incredibly exciting and engaging! It’s the purrrfect way to get your feline fix! We can’t thank you enough for this innovative new product!”

~Kelly McComb, Michigan Humane Society, October 2011

“We do so much to care for our animals physically, but we also know the critical importance that mental stimulation and positive engagement has in their overall well-being. Engaging the cats in this type of play is not only fun, it will help keep them happy and healthy during their stay with us!”

~TCJ Bentley, MHS Sr. Director of Operations, October 2011

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