Our current installations are located within Animal Shelters across the USA and Canada. These installations experienced immediate success in marketing and fund-raising. Click on link opposite to play now with the cats - but be warned - you may end up adopting one!

Adoptions: Up 18%
Sponsorships / Donations: Up 295%
Web Traffic: Up 52%
Visited By: 172 Different Countries
Avg. Viewing Time Per User: Approx 37 Minutes

Our Favorite Story

“THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU! I’m a paraplegic and I can’t leave my apartment; my apartment doesn’t allow pets and I have been void of animal interactions for years.  You have brought back an emotional connection for me that I thought was gone forever!  Thank you so much.  I LOVE these kitties!!!”

Read about the ongoing success of iPetCompanion from our customers - click here.
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